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About Ratput's

 Seventh and eighteenth millennium a new group of people who came to be popular as Rajputs.  Generally they were the warrior nature and situated in Jaipur(Rajasthan), India. Many concepts about the issues that put ahead different activities that led to the increase of Rajput Empire. Rajputs ruled for a period of more than 500 years successfully.

Being basically the warrior category, was the actual power of Rajput military. Their security officers and protects who were very devoted to his expert? Actually, the Rajputs were known for their commitment and reliable characteristics. Rajputs were competent players adhere to a demanding value of perform when he is battling off an attacker came operating. There are many experiences about the gallantry of the Rajputs are folklore.

A very popular Rajput leader Prithviraj Chauhan 12t millennium around an intense fight was conducted against Mohammad Gauri. Rajputs were known for their exclusive structural amazing things and many palaces and forts in Rajasthan and Gujarat to develop around. They designed forts and palaces still take a position powerful and offer a glance of the Rajput elegant history.

List of Famous Modern Day Rajputs


  •       Professor Rajendra Singh Tomar
  •       Prime Minister of India,Vishwanath Pratap Singh Gaharwar (2-Dec, 1989 to 10-Nov, 1990)
  •        Prime Minister of India, Chandra Shekhar (10-Nov, 1990 to 21-June, 1991)


  •  Ranjit Jadeja: Ranji Trophy is named after him.
  •  Cricketer- KS Duleep Singh
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